247 Real Estate and builders is a UK owned company and is a name you can trust.

Having been experienced in real estate for the last 15 years, we can look after all of your plot buying in Bahria, Gulberg, DHA, Naval Anchorage and all major societies and sectors in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience in building high quality buildings like houses and plaza in ISB and RWP.

Foreign clients are quite often nervous to invest in Pakistan, that is where we come in. We have office in the West Midlands UK and in Soan Gardens in Islamabad. Trust is our biggest asset and we will communicate with you throughout the process and have experienced staff ready to serve you today.

Islamabad is a top place to invest and the best way advice we can give is give up some of your land in the village and redistribute to ISB. You can put you rights on potential plots for a small down payment and then pay by instalment. Almost always the land will shoot up in value and you can sell off the plot making your profit. If this is repeated with good advice then you will be successful and have your original money back within 2 or 3 years.

Many people make basic errors and the most frequent mistake is going with a agent who is not well known and chasing a “too good to be true” dream. You will NEVER get something for free in Pakistan so be very careful in who you deal with.

If you need to speak to someone about your investment plans look no further than 247 Real Estate and Builders, the name you can trust.


Our UK numbers: 01902609090 or 07976328250

Our Pakistan Number: 03366 247247 (Whats-App)